The constant changes in the wireless industry can be difficult to keep up with. Social Mobile operates in all areas of the wireless industry and can offer a great deal of expertise and insight in implementing strategic changes to your business. We offer a variety of Consulting Services ranging from product certification & licensing, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Quality Control Services. With our strategic partnerships with fortune 500 Enterprises, we leverage our relationships to maximize our partners’ ROI by minimizing costs, time, and providing the most efficient path to project completion and acceptance.


Carrier Certification & Licensing

  • Prepare devices for lab entry
  • Reduce certification costs and time
  • Manage projects through baseline and customization phase

Manufacturing Evaluation

  • Create a custom During Production Inspection (DUPRO) checklist
  • Ensure products are safe, reliable, and of excellent quality by The Acceptable Quality Limit Standards
  • Supplier audit and verification assessment

MVNO Optimization

  • Maximize supply chain and reduce time to market with SIM procurement
  • Improve product quality and reliability by managing life cycle management
  • Optimize sales force engagement and customer support with an integrated POS & CRM platform

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Our partnerships with top logistic operators provide the most cost-efficient transportation and tracking solutions
  • Extensive experience with importing, exporting, and planning with domestic and international partners
  • Avoid common logistic pitfalls by understanding expedited shipping options and advanced customs clearance


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