Social Mobile Telecommunications is the leader in delivering the latest technologies to meet the dynamic and ever-changing demands of the wireless industry.

Design, Engineering, & Manufacturing

At Social Mobile, we offer an end to end supply chain solution that strategically brings products from concept to market.

Value Added Services

Allow Social Mobile to help you unlock the full potential of your products by taking advantage of our strategic partnerships.


Social Mobile operates in all areas of the wireless industry and can offer a great deal of expertise in implementing strategic changes to your business.

Days Dedicated to the wireless industry

Smart Devices Deployed

Countries Served

Simplifying Telecom

Social Mobile provides custom hardware and software solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises

  • Simplifying Telecom 100%

Forward Thinking

Social Mobile is at the forefront of the wireless industry while fulfilling tomorrow’s needs today

  • Forward Thinking 100%

Problem Solvers

Social Mobile is constantly creating innovative solutions to drive incremental value

  • Problem Solvers 100%

Industry Leaders

Social Mobile develops leading-edge technologies and is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and world-class services


  • Industry Leaders 100%

Our End-to-End Supply Chain Process Flow